Lockdown monsters.

I think we all have our lockdown monsters. You cross the road to avoid your neighbours. You became suspicious and paranoid of who is carrying a silent killer. We are protecting others by staying at home. But still, over 30,000 people have already died. Victory in Europe 75 is being remembered in the UK on Friday which will include the 40,000 British civilians that were killed in Blitz. Our silent war of the last few months is fast approaching a similar death toll.


Over the peak?


Another walk while we remain on this “Lockdown”. The local horses have had enough. There will be an announcement by the Government on Sunday and we may have a slight lifting of some of our restrictions on what we can do & where we can go. While not wanting to mix with crowds it would be nice to be able to go to some other places to watch nature.


On the usual route, passing baby rabbits – crossing the footpath and into the woodland to see what is about.


A not such a great picture of a Great-spotted  Woodpecker.


Within the woods is a small meadow where this large dragonfly was flying the first one spotted this year. This one is a Wide-bodied-chaser-dragonfly a female (the male is pale blue). luckily it decided to land.


At the end of today’s walk and just when I thought there would be no deer sighting this Roebuck appeared just off the footpath.