Wonders on a Sunday.


Back into local woodland this morning disturbed a female Roe Deer which ran from the centre of the field into cover at the edge of the field. From the film, she appears heavy with milk so a fawn must be not far off.


Wildflowers have changed a bit in recent days with both Foxgloves and Ragged Robin now in flower. The Ragged Robin is a species native to Europe, it is found along roads and in wet meadows and pastures. There is far less of this plant around my home in recent years.


Mr Fox was happy to watch who was passing then walk off a bit sit down and watch me move closer then walk off a bit sit down again and watch me again move closer I repeated this a few times before he decided to move off.


The woodpeckers were feeding their young in their nest hole in a Silver Birch Tree. Both the Male and female birds were visiting the nest.  Males can be identified by a red patch on the back of the neck.


First pictures show the male bird at the nest hole.


After the male bird had finished feeding the chicks the female came into feed the youngsters she was waiting near the hole.


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