Return to the New Forest.

A return visit to the New Forest yesterday. The car parks re-opened at the end of last week so with a drive for exercise and fresh air acceptable the short drive out to the forest was our treat today.

Parked up near Hatchet Pond. A family of Moorhens were my 1st spot. There were about 4 youngsters.


Around the pound were many Dragonflies.


9 thoughts on “Return to the New Forest.

    • Hi David – Last year I found my telephoto lens was better for insects that a macro. I use Fuji 100 – 400 on FujiXH1. With the macro, I would get too close and they would fly off!


      • I was thinking the same thing although a bee capture has so far proven elusive even with the longer lens … especially if there’s a breeze. They buzz over to the next flower before I can get a shot.

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  1. I’ll bet you thought you’d not be seeing any chicks of any kind this Spring season. How lucky they finally lifted the ban. Look at those fuzzy chicks and the bright red face on the Moorhen. I like the dragonflies too – I see them at Lake Erie Metropark. It will be a while to go there due to all the flooding. We had a dam break, not close to me, but now 10 feet (3 meters) has flooded a whole city, houses lost, cars floating away … Mother Nature as wonderful as she is with creation has been very cruel. Luckily no deaths, but no flood insurance for most either. The authorities said the dam needed to be fixed … no amount of compensation will make up for the loss.

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      • Yes, thankfully and their newest problem is a big chemical plant which may be putting some chemicals into that water. A real mess but luckily no one has lost their lives or been injured thus far. I remember your flooding – you had two back-to-back floods last year as I recall.

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