View from the van.

Another early start this morning with breakfast by the sea.

SS Queen Victoria entering Southampton Water. I do not think she has been anywhere in this lockdown world. I did hear they were taking some of the liners out to give their engines a run.


Although the tide was in and the nature reserve closed there were plenty of passing birds.

A Dunlin fly past.


Common tern.


As well as a Common tern there was also a Sandwich tern fishing off the beach (note the black beak compared to the orange of the common tern).



Looking over the fence into the temporary closed nature reserve I spotted a Redshank and a pair of Oystercatchers.



3 thoughts on “View from the van.

  1. The SS Queen Victoria sure is majestic! It’s been many years since I’ve been on a cruise but the ships did not have that many levels. It must be nice to return to the water again for you after these long months.

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      • That’s what I did last Saturday at the riverfront parks … the first one with the fishermen was way too busy (and too soon for that) … the second park was better and I’d feel confident taking the DSLR there. I’m still using the point-and-shoot to keep from fumbling around my face, even though I am wearing a mask.

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