Last day of May.

We have reached the last day of May continuing to practise social distancing and trying our best to avoid Covid19. The country is over the peak but the risks remain. I sense many people are returning to old ways and risking spoiling the new freedom we currently have.

Off into my world away from the stresses of the world and out by 0600hrs this morning to get a nature walk while the temperature is acceptable and walking down the road is not too uncomfortable.

The first deer a Roebuck spotted decided to go into one of the fields fenced off for horses.




Further on in one of the Marshy Meadows had a corner where Orchids had come into flower in the past couple of days.  Dactylorhiza, commonly called marsh orchid or spotted orchid.



A big Black Slug.


Today it was the male Broad Bodied Chaser dragonfly that stopped to show off.  (the lower picture is a female taken near the same spot a couple of weeks ago).


All the Woodpeckers had left their nest holes on Friday except at site 2 but they were gone today however I came across this fledgeling near the nest tree on the public path. So I picked him up and put him over the fence away from footfall on the path. The parent birds were overhead calling.



Although some way off I got my first picture of a Green Woodpecker.

green woodpecker

8 thoughts on “Last day of May.

  1. Was scrolling through your blog. You have captured some wonderful pictures of nature. Nature is a passion with me. I love deer and you have captured some great photos. Enjoyed every photo in this post. Nature just seems to take all the worry of the world from a person’s mind. Great post.

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