Urban Pond.

Using google earth I noticed a park within a new housing estate a few minutes walk from our usual walking route. Google earth showed a good size pond on the edge of the park known as Dowds Farm. It was worth the detour.

Grey Heron fishing. According to a local, this bird visits most mornings.



On one side of the pond was a Moorhen’s nest.  The nest was full of chicks, well hidden in the reeds.




Sad ending.

Walking down the road this morning I spotted the body of a fox on the Motorway probably one of the juvenile foxes I filmed last week.  Sadly an inexperienced animal with less traffic equals a wandering into danger.

fox dead

Next to the Motorway one of the mobile phone masts is having some work done on it a group of Jackdaws decided to take a closer look at the wiring.


After the sad start, this made me smile a Roebuck and a fox meet and pass each other.