Sad ending.

Walking down the road this morning I spotted the body of a fox on the Motorway probably one of the juvenile foxes I filmed last week.  Sadly an inexperienced animal with less traffic equals a wandering into danger.

fox dead

Next to the Motorway one of the mobile phone masts is having some work done on it a group of Jackdaws decided to take a closer look at the wiring.


After the sad start, this made me smile a Roebuck and a fox meet and pass each other.




1 thought on “Sad ending.

  1. That would be upsetting to see Andy. I feel sick as I’ve not seen my “house squirrels” since Easter … I had the two cute gray ones that begged mercilessly and the last I saw them, I got a box from Amazon and went out to get it and they were climbing on it, then I opened it to remove the contents and they tried to explore inside. I also had a pair of black squirrels and the one that was “fur-less”. My neighbor was off for 10 weeks during the Lockdown and said he saw a Cooper’s Hawk in the tree across the street – I saw a Cooper’s Hawk go after a squirrel at the Park. He swooped down out of nowhere – luckily the squirrel ran under a picnic table and escaped. At least you saw something nice afterward to take your mind off it.

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