6 thoughts on “Looking for nuts.

      • I did Andy – I see more squirrels on your blog then you see on mine lately. Since the Park opened after lockdown, the squirrels have been scarce and the birds even scarcer. I went to the Park 8 times during lockdown to leave peanuts for the squirrels at the picnic table. I risked getting my hand slapped, but it would be a warning then a ticket. I did not run through the Park, just walked up to the Pavilion area/picnic tables and spoke to the firemen who were there with the caution tape (removing it as it flew all over the Park) and the maintenance folks.
        I made it no secret, but didn’t write about it in my blog (my blog is carried on the local paper’s blog roll). After I went back, some idiot guy at the Parksaw me feeding the squirrels and said “I hate squirrels, I walked here during lockdown, came through the back way and they attacked me every day –
        I took a stick and beat them away from me.” I, of course, was horrified – I said “they are used to the walkers, many feed them, like me – been feeding them for 7 years and they would not hurt you.” So then he says he saw a coyote running around the Park and now the pesky geese are gone – the coyote ate all the goslings.” I saw the one group of goslings with two sets of parents –
        17 goslings in all, the first day back at the Park on June 2nd, but not seen any goslings since. When I asked if he contacted the City or Department of Natural Resources about the coyote sighting, as we had a pair and a pup two years ago, his answer was “the Park is overrun with squirrels and geese.” That type of sick people is what the world does not need (especially over here – need I say more) … I dismissed him as a fool but given the lack of wildlife there, I wonder if what he said was true.

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      • Sadly too many people see wildlife a vermin. The public footpaths around here are a mess with rubbish left everywhere, cans paper bottles plastic cups. These paths before lockdown would only have been used for people walking and enjoying the environment but now a different type of person is using and abusing them.


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