An early start at the seaside.


With a predicted very hot day today (Thursday 25th June). We decided to catch the low tide at Meon Shore. Low tide was about 08.00hrs this morning so we were parked up by the sea and having breakfast well before that. The light sea breeze was nice to enjoy after the hot humid night at home. Just one or two overnighters – people staying in their motorhomes and a couple of fishermen polluting the fresh air with wafts from their special herbal smoking matter!  I was soon on the beach.


Spotted this dog enjoying his “walk”!


Lugworms are a large marine worm. Its coiled castings are a familiar sight on a beach at low tide but the worm is rarely seen except by those who, dig the worm out of the sand. It is often dug by fishermen for bait.


One of my favourite creatures on the beach are crabs. The Common Shore Crab – also known as Green Crab, or European Crab. This species of crab grows to a maximum size of around 8 to 9cm across the shell. Despite being known as the green crab the colour can be highly variable ranging from brown to green or red & orange. The front edge of the shell has a serrated edge they have eight legs and two claws. These crabs can be very aggressive when disturbed and the claws are capable of delivering a fairly painful nip.



Lots of Oystercatchers about today. Because they eat cockles, the population is vulnerable if cockle beds are overexploited. They breed on almost all UK coasts.  Meon Shore has had an influx of Shellfish collecting since lockdown. But the authorities acted this week see link below.





By late morning the tide was coming in covering the beach and its secrets and with lots of people were coming down to sit with their beach chairs windbreaks and disposable BBQs many unaware of what life is on our local beach it was time for us to go home. Titchfield Haven Nature Reserve remains closed to COVID 19 lockdown rules.


6 thoughts on “An early start at the seaside.

  1. Thanks for taking us to the shore. I love the beach – anywhere. Loved the video and all the great photos. Looks like a great place to go. Like you, when all the people who are unaware of nature come – I leave.

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