Garden Hedgehog.


Garden Hedgehog. Privileged that a Hedgehog has taken up residence in my parents garden  –  today was enjoying the small wild Strawberries growing in the garden. They are a gardener’s friend, as they eat snails, slugs and insects. Sadly they a not doing well in the UK as people keep their gardens too tidy. Many are killed crossing roads.


7 thoughts on “Garden Hedgehog.

  1. About the only time I have seen a Hedgehog in America is when someone has it for a pet. Loved the video. Looked like he was having trouble getting out of bed. Thanks for sharing this. Sorry to hear the Hedgehog is not doing well in the UK

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  2. First time I’ve ever seen a hedgehog … he/she looked around slowly as if trying to detect a smell, maybe bacon? Then he turned his body around … good luck keeping him there Andy.


  3. Lovely to see the hedgehog so happy in your parents garden.
    What a cute video. Seems to be hard for the hedgehog to enroll from the tension of its own muscles.
    The circumstances in Germany for them are the same. The gardens are too clean, without hiding places in winter, and all the machines used for lawn and leaves are hedgehog-killers.

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