Rainy beach visit.

A rainy day at the beach but always something to see.

Lesser Black-backed Gull slightly smaller than a herring gull, the lesser black-backed gull has a dark grey to black back and wings, yellow bill and yellow legs.


Blackheaded Gulls, but as you can see from my pictures are more a chocolate-brown, once out of the breeding season and for most of the year their heads are mostly white.



Cormorants are great fish catchers and have a primitive appearance.


Coots are members of the rail family and are commonly seen in the UK.


The Common Linnet is a small passerine bird of the finch family. Males, as pictured below, are attractively marked with crimson foreheads and breasts.




3 thoughts on “Rainy beach visit.

  1. The Cormorants and Gulls decided to perch on a surface smaller than their feet could handle, but they had no issues hanging on it seems. I was speaking to a fellow walker today and said he finished a book and I should get it as I liked nature. He gave me the gist of it and I decided to order it. It may interest you too Andy. Here is the name: “Wilding” by Isabella Tree. Here is a story on it as well: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2018/jun/28/wilding-isabella-tree-review-farm-return-nature

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      • Yes, it makes you wonder how Cormorants hold on just by curling their toes Andy. I like when they dry their wings – they remind me of a vampire with outstretched arms which opens the black cape. We have lots of costumes for vampires around Halloween. I thought the book sounded like something you’d like – I ordered it based on this fellow walker’s recommendation. In fact, he looked for me yesterday just to tell me he had just finished this great read. I may not read it until Winter due to more walking and picture-taking, garden work, etc. (not to mention blogging).

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