Industry returned to Nature.

Swanwick Lakes is an 89-acre nature reserve in Swanwick Hampshire. It is managed by the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust. Most of this site is woodland, and there are also meadows and lakes formed by former clay extraction for Bursledon Brickworks. Clay has been extracted in the area since the late 19th century, with the first pit dug on the reserve site in 1948. Extraction finished in 1974.

As soon as I got out of our van and walked towards the 1st lake Mrs Mallard and her ducklings came out of the water to see me.

blogblog2blog1Once mum duck felt the ducklings had seen enough of me she called them back to the safety of the lake.

The reason for my visit to the lakes today was to get some insect pictures. There were plenty of Dragonflies and Damselflies about near the water. They were very fast in flight.


There were a lot of Red-eyed damselflies I had not seen this species before and on searching on-line was not surprised that it was called a Red-eye damselfly!


There were also Moorhens and Coots on the water.


Common Darter dragonflies were also abundant.


I also was able to capture some pictures of them in flight.


Above the Lake area at the reserve is a Woodland and above that is a meadow. Like many local nature reserves, Swanick Lanes uses cattle to help maintain the area and reduce shrub.




At this point, it was time to move away from the cows.


The reserve is bordered on one side by a private area of the Air Traffic Control centre which is fenced off.


7 thoughts on “Industry returned to Nature.

  1. Enjoyed this post so much. That mother duck has a lot of little chicks. The dragonfly photos are great. Have never seen one with red eyes. Those are beautiful cows – have never seen this breed in our area. Great job on close ups of dragonflies.

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