Wetlands at their best.

Today’s post records a day spent within Titchfield  Haven National Nature Reserve my local wetland nature reserve although there was nothing new to see the day was enjoyable with lots of interesting birds to see and record.

Male and Female Black-tailed Godwit.

The male bird is a rusty brown this time of year.


The female bird is much paler in colour.





Canada Geese.


Note the white-headed Canada Goose top left bird.


Heron. This Heron was being dive-bombed by Black-headed gulls and Common Terns as he walked across the lagoon.



Common Tern. This year I have missed the breeding cycle of both the Black-headed gulls and the Common Terns on the Solent due to COVID19 lockdown I missed it when the birds were pairing up selecting their next sites laying their eggs and watching them hatch.  Juvenile terns are the end process of the breeding cycle which I have managed to observe, hopefully, next year I will be able to see the whole process.



2 thoughts on “Wetlands at their best.

  1. What a great post. Loved the videos. I guess my favorite is the Avocets – I love the way they hunt for food. We have a lot of Canada Geese – I guess these birds visit a lot of countries. I am positive you had a wonderful day – I know I would have if I had seen all those birds in one day.


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