Nature all around.

A bright Sunday morning walk, with lots to see and record. Berry’s, acorns. Thistles and grasses have gone to seed.

Oaks are the host plants for more than 70 species of gall wasp.In its larval stage these insects that induce the plant to produce abnormal growths, known as galls, that enclose the developing larvae.

This Hornet is making short work of this Wasp for his lunch – hunting along the edge of a Bramble bush this Hornet had grabbed a Wasp feeding on the Blackberry’s. I was only able to get a picture of the hornet as he had stopped to feed. It does give you a good idea of the size of this insect.

The Hornet mimic hoverfly is the largest hoverfly species found in the UK. It is an excellent mimic of the Hornet, but is harmless to humans. It was a very rare visitor to the country up to the 1940s, it has become more common in Southern England in recent years, and spreading northwards. The adults are migratory and the larvae live inside wasps’ nests.

There were many different species of flies enjoying Blackberry’s and sunshine.

7 thoughts on “Nature all around.

  1. The details are astounding! The shape of the eyes of the hornet mimic hoverfly; the flies on blackberries; the wing detail on the dragonfly; and most spectacularly, the hornet eating a wasp. All of them stunning photos, so fun to see. Thank you!

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    • I am glad you enjoy my pictures I have seen a lot of hornets this year but they do not land very often so I pleased to find the one having lunch. The mimic hover-fly is a new spot for me it caught me out as I thought I was creeping up on a hornet!


  2. I’ve not seen any acorns on trees, nor on the ground yet, but I saw dead oak leaves on the ground today. You sure saw a treasure trove of insects today … all that in one jaunt made it a fruitful day indeed! Those are amazing closeups of the various flies … the eyes!

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      • We had mulberry bushes which the birds, squirrels and wasps enjoyed, but now the humans have picked those berries, so none left for the critters to forage – soon we’ll have the wild apples in the Park. No humans pick them. The squirrels pull them off or they fall onto the ground – the critters have to decide who gets them, based on pecking order.

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