Flock or invaision!

Wood Pigeon invade my bird feeding station which I built at the start of lock down. I am not getting many birds visiting the station at the moment just pigeons. I set up my small underwater camera to catch some action

This bird can be an agricultural pest sometimes seen in large flocks and it is often shot. It is wary in rural areas, but can quite tame where it is not hunted such as towns and gardens. There are a lot of Wood Pigeon’s found in the UK some 5,400,000 pairs.

Take over!

Locally known in South east England as the Culver this name has given rise to several areas to be named after it, such as Culver Down on the Isle of Wight. They need water to drink and bathe in. Young wood pigeons swiftly become fat, as a result of the crop milk they are fed by their parents. This is an extremely rich fluid that is produced in the adult birds’ crops during the breeding season.

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