In between time.

At Tichfield Haven today bird wise it is that in between time – the summer breeding birds have moved on and the winter visitors have not quite arrived yet.

The roar of a Spitfire’s Merlin engine filled the sky being quite poignant given this week is the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

Back to nature, a Peacock Butterfly enjoying the sunshine.

Southern Hawker Dragonfly. A large lovely looking dragonfly, Similar in appearance to other Hawkers.

6 thoughts on “In between time.

  1. From the BBC:

    In 1940 Hitler sent 2,600 Luftwaffe fighters and bombers to destroy the Royal Air Force. At the start of the battle the RAF only had 640 fighters – Hurricanes and Spitfires – and German commander Herman Goering confidently predicted victory would only take a few days.

    Britain stepped up the production of fighter planes. The Hurricanes, with their sturdy frames, took on the bombers. The Mark I Spitfires, with their superior speed and agility, were sent up to shoot down German fighters. By the end of the battle the better organised RAF had defeated the Luftwaffe and downed 1,887 German planes.

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  2. For whatever reason, the close-up of the dragonfly body’s markings make me think of coastal Native American totem poles.

    Love the spitfire photo. My father was a test pilot who flew Corsairs in WWII. I’ve always been fascinated with WWII European history.

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