Deer Fields.

Suddenly the Roe deer behaviour has changed again and they have come out of hiding in the woodland and appear to be gathering in one of the fields. Roe deer are solitary, forming small groups in winter months so I guess this is what’s happening as we move towards winter. This behaviour will give a good chance of some photographs I hope as they seem to look up and stare before strolling off.

Both sexes of Roe deer make dog-like barking noises when startled or alarmed.

I was on the walk today with my brother Simon, walking where we hoped to see some Deer. We came across a young Roe Deer stuck in the fence. Some of the farm fences are a square wire about waist height the adult deer can jump them but the fawns cannot and try and find a gap. This fawn had misjudged it and tried to go through the fence getting well and truly stuck by the hips. I could not release her by myself this is me trying – it took both of us to push her back through the wire she had come through. Barking with fear at the top of her voice while we helped to free her. Once free and lifted over the fence she recovered and made her escape to freedom across the meadow, Job done.

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