Spring Tides

Very high tides this moorning.

Spring Tides Meon Shore Titchfield Haven 16th November 2020

One or Two Turnstone’s were on the beach but due the high tide and lack of beach many had taken to the sleeping on the the boats in the harbour.

Also in the harbour was a Little Grebe also known as a Dab Chick.

Another disgarded fishing hook a real danger to water birds I was unable to remove this one due to its position.

6 thoughts on “Spring Tides

  1. They make me cold watching them shivering. Those stupid fish hooks. Saturday I saw a seagull with a deformed foot and a clump of seaweed or some aquatic plant was hanging from its foot, no doubt due to an embedded fish hook in his foot.

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      • I don’t know why people are careless Andy. I hate seeing that people let glass bottles fall onto the walking path – the squirrels and birds go down there and walk around. I always imagine cut-up feet and paws. Every so often I see pleas on social media for people to not take the plastic coverings that keep a six-pack of soda or beer together. Turtles have gotten tangled inside one of the plastic connectors/rings.

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