Step back in time.

Due to the very wet weather over the week end and restrictions due to lockdowns I spent most of the weekend inside. I scanned many old pre-digital holiday photographs into digital format to save on computer memory and to back up in a number of places. I came across some working farm black and white photographs which I have posted below.

In the mid1980’s we picked up a leaflet in the tourist information office in St David’s Pembrokeshire. It was to visit a working farm in the Preseli hills it had no tractors and was farmed totally by Shire Horses the way it had always been done there.

We visited the next day at the set time to see the horses working the land. No road signs just a small map on the leaflet to find the farm. This was no theme park, set up for the growing tourist trade in Wales this was a true way of life. Hill farming the old way. We were met by the farmer who took us to a muddy farmyard he told us about his farm and his way of life after paying him a couple of £’s. No electricity, water from the spring pump, it was like stepping back 100 years.

He harnessed his horses and the group of about 10 visitor walked with him and his team of horses to the hillside field where he attached a harrow a started on the task of working the sloping field.

Soon the visit was over a glimpse of a past way of life was over. Sadly I only now have 3 pictures of this experance,

A couple years later returning to Wales the farm was on top of the list to visit again no longer having the leaflet we returned to the tourist information office at St David’s only to be told they no longer endorsed the farm for visitors and had no leaflets. Asking why I was told, they had many complaints from visitors?

This visit was the best working farm I had ever visited and remains so to this day some 35y ears later but the complains stopped people seeing this true gem and step back it time.

Complaints – the farmyard was too muddy, no toilet facilities, no gift shop, no tea room.

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