Fading light.

Going to the woods as the light is fading to collect trail cameras opens up a whole new view of normally familiar countryside. Crossing fields become less easy – ditches become deeper, fallen branches become trip hazards. The creatures of the woods now rule.

5 thoughts on “Fading light.

  1. The eyes on the deer, whether here, or on the trail camera are always interesting. Here in the Metroparks where I often go, they have guided trail walks at night. I’ve never been on them – I don’t like going out in the dark, but the guide and each person has a lantern as they go along the trail. The object of their interest are flying squirrels and bats, but their most-popular hike is called “Owl Prowl” which is clever.

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  2. Beautiful time and light, but hard to take advantage of because, as you say, as soon as the light fades, the landscape changes due to our poor night vision, feeling somewhat menacing and difficult to navigate (unless there’s a full moon reflecting on snow 🙂 ).

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