Lost horizon.

A cold foggy start to the day down on Meon Shore. Looking out into the Solent – the Isle of Wight was lost in a sea fog. The ship movements could not be seen in the haze only the sound of fog horns alert you to the fact that ships are out there.

Eider duck group far out in the solent.

1 thought on “Lost horizon.

  1. It makes me cold just looking at these waterfowl Andy. We had a freezing fog yesterday morning – it would have been great to get some photos at the Park with bare trees in the mist, but it was very slippery on the streets and sidewalks so I didn’t walk. We had a foggy mist today but it was much warmer. The weather is so strange. We have an all-day rain tomorrow, an inch of rain. Unusual for Michigan in mid-December!

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