Mixed day

Today I spent time at Meon Shore and Titchfield Haven watching the sea while my trail cameras were set in the field near home.

Bristow – HM Coastguard search and rescue (SAR) helicopter over the Solent.

Our local Spitfire was also up.

Birds spotted today.

Trail camera captures Roe Deer and a Fox

6 thoughts on “Mixed day

    • The leg dance – is something birds go it seems to agitate the water to stir up food such as invertebrates. Herons and Egrets also do it. I have also seen larger gulls doing it on grass seems to bring up worms! The night vision on the camera makes eyes at night very spooky.


      • In nature, movements are not random but serve a purpose! Your explanation reminded me of a science video I saw with my kids of raccoons digging up mud with their hands and mushing it between their hands, as well as birds kicking up dirt. The show presented the clip first and had you guess what they were doing.
        What kind of camera do you use to film the night animals?

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