To the Woods!

Boxing day & Hampshire is back in full Lockdown but individuals with one other are able to undertake daily exercise from home. So without my running shoes and jogging suit I took my 1st day of Tier 4 lockdown into the local fields and woodland for my exercise. A dark dull day with threats of storm Bella coming in in the next few hours but I am sure my exercise did some good to body and soul.

Roe deer abundant in their usual fields.

11 thoughts on “To the Woods!

  1. How nice to at least be able to visit the woods during lockdown. I do not have far to go to find woods here in Arkansas. You have certainly captured some great pictures of the deer. It is always nice to be able to get exercise.

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    • They sort of look at me I am sure they seem to say its OK smile then he will wander off. I think if we had to stay at home totally it would be so difficult with our small garden. However, outside appears safe if you follow social distancing and has been encouraged.

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      • Kind of like “humor the nice photographer?” I am convinced that animals convey to their young, or their kin, who is safe and not safe to be near. They have deemed you safe Andy. I was talking to a young fisherman yesterday at the Park. It was very cold but he likes fishing for sport and caught umpteen small perch while I was there by using cracked corn, and threw them all back. But, the small feeder fish (we call them shad), he gives to a mink that hangs around when he’s there. I’ve never seen a mink at this Park. He also told me he catches them and tosses them to the mallard ducks as well. He’s been feeding the ducks for a while – I will be writing a post that mentions them converging on me, on land, one day when he was not there. I told him the story yesterday. 🙂 Made me smile. We are lucky to forget the horrors of the news and escape.


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