Fields of plenty.

Another local walk to keep within our lockdown restriction. Although this Pandemic is getting to me and it still seems a long way before life will return to any sort of normal walking and enjoying the environment remains a lifesaver.

Garden Squirrel

Female Blackbird enjoying Red Crab Apples.

Walking across what we call the horse field today it seemed wise to keep to the edge of the field has the horses were running wild!

One of the trail cameras caught the Roe deer family mum and twins.


7 thoughts on “Fields of plenty.

  1. Love that little squirrel and the squirrels always give me a smile when they hold their paw like that – it appears they are saying “who me?” The horses sure were stomping in that soggy grass, you could hear their hooves in the wet grass. The walks and nature will continue to keep you sane – whew!

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