February arrives.

February arrives Lockdown remains.

Today was about collecting trail cameras which we had left out over the weekend in our local woodland. We had left 6 out and put out some meat for the foxes. Some of the cameras were left where we had seen Woodcock over the last week.

However although we caught a glimpse of a Woodcock on camera last week our stakeout for this interesting bird failed.

Woodcock are a fairly large, short-legged wading bird. They live in woodlands and on heathlands. Their mottled plumage provides it with excellent camouflage as it probes around the ground for earthworms and beetles to eat. Woodcock are mainly nocturnal, hiding in the dense undergrowth day.

One of the cameras where it normally records a fox picked up 2 Buzzards. Below are stills pictures taken from the footage of the film. The link takes you to the actual movie footage it is quite long but records this big birds in their natural setting.

Wingspan:113-128cm Weight:550-1,000g (male); 700-1,300g (female)

A fox caught on camera – the spot looks worth another attempt but I will need to reposition the camera.