Wet Woods.

This afternoon I went off to my normal isolated fields to collect various trail cameras. The first appeared missing! but on reaching its location in had been blown from where I had wedged it in a small tree. We had had strong winds overnight and I now had recordings of the sky from the fallen camera which was pointing skyward.

The wind must have been very strong overnight.

This tree although dead was standing when we passed it yesterday but was down today.

Wet woodlands are today some of our least common woodland habitats in the uk. Trees such as alder, willows and birch dominate on wet soils, sedges, ferns and mosses flourish under the trees. Wet woods occur on soils that are often or seasonally wet, because of flooding, local streams floods to the edge of the meadows where we walk. The land is wet all year but during the winter months the flooded areas and water level increases.

Today’s trail camera footage. The local Common Buzzards continue to visit our camera site and enjoy bait (the odd chicken wings) left out for them.

After dark the site was visited by a Fox and a young female Roe Deer.


7 thoughts on “Wet Woods.

  1. Wind damage really wreaked havoc there. Scary when big trees fall. I worry about this all the time on the block behind me, where trees’ roots are exposed and no regular tree maintenance has occurred in years. Every volatile Summer storm or ice storm I hold my breath. The deer in the trail cam with the eyes sure defines the expression “deer in the headlights.”

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