Trail camera surprise.

Today we collected our trail camera’s from a new location in our local to home woodland. They had been on the field for 4 days.

One young female Roe spotted when crossing the fields.

I had left one of the camera’s pointing at a small dip in the ground where I thought a fox may go under the wire fence.

The first night a Roebuck decided to make a bed for the night. This footage is quite long but felt it was worth not over editing it as it was quite a privilege to spy on this deer’s night. We have found quite a lot of areas of small patches where the leaves have been moved and something has been sitting down, now we know more. Are the deer moving the leaves where ticks wait?

After the Roe moved on a first for our trail camera’s – a Badger! and a first seen in the wild in our neighbourhood apart from the odd body on the road. This film is a short one.

One of my other cameras did pick up a passing fox.