5 thoughts on “2 short films.

  1. I wonder if both the male and female squirrels gather nest materials? That was nonstop gathering! I’ve been watching explore.org video cameras and some still shots by a local birder showing various raptors and also Great Blue Herons who gather sticks for nesting materials. Interesting … especially the herons who roost in rookeries up in the trees and carrying large sticks horizontally. The birds in slow motion was incredible. The daily videos by local birder Jocelyn Anderson are shot in slow motion too … they are more enjoyable that way in my opinion.

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      • I really enjoy watching their webcams Andy – I do some on Twitter as they have their highlights of various birds/animals, but on the website, there are so many to see. I followed Hummingbirds with their babies who hatch from eggs that are as tiny as a Tic-Tac mint. The squirrels have huge nests at the Park – you can see them when the leaves are bare. When it is cold, the whole family sleeps together curled up inside the nest.

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