Hastings Strade.

Further picture of the fishing boats at Hastings. With lockdown easing we felt it was safe enough to take a couple of nights away in our camper-van. We went down the coast to the east to Hastings.

Hastings is one of Britain’s oldest fishing ports, but there is no harbour. Boats have worked from the beach in front of the ancient town for over a thousand years.

The Hastings Fishermen’s Protection Society preserves the fishing community’s medieval right to carry on using that beach – known as the Stade.

The beach known as the Stade has about 25 boats, It is the largest beach-launched fishing fleet in Britain.

Old tractors and Bulldozers are used to push the boats down the beach and pull them back up. The whole area has a charm which lends it’s self to photographing a different way of life.

Fish is sold from little sheds at the top of the beach. There is some strong feelings about number10 and how our Government has failed to support our fishing fleets.

The RNLI lifeboat beach launches from the Strade film I took back during a visit in 2018 and also on a stormy day an aborted beach landing.

from my 2018 vist to hastings.
Same spot in poor weather!