Walking over water.

View of Eastbourne from the pier.

A walk on the victorian pier at Eastbourne last week on our short trip away. The pier was completed in 1872. It is is 300 meters long and built on stilts, which rest in cups on the seabed allowing the structure to move during bad weather.

The piers entrance was originally built on the lower promenade but after being swept away in a storm in 1877 it was then rebuilt at a higher level.

During WW2 like many piers the wooden decking was removed and it was armed with machine guns as part of the coastal defensive systems around the UK. During the war the pier was damaged my a mine.

I always like to look under a pier to look at their structures.

The pier was damaged by fire in 1970 and 2014.

Ownership changed in 2015 and much improvements have taken place.

Part of the charm of a seaside pier in the UK is the tacky shops.

It is nice to see the effort made to keep Eastbourne pier viable and well maintained.

Traveling West from Eastbourne towards home is the town of Brighton. Brighton has the Palace Pier (now called Brighton Pier). There is also the metal remains of the West Pier.

Behind the frame of the West pier you can see the Grand Brighton Pier with its funfair.

The pier was destroyed by fire in 2003. Much of the structure was wood and once a fire starts on a pier it is difficult to save the structure.

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