Three men in a boat!

My film tells a story. At the waters edge the family of Lapwing chicks are doing well, first seen just over a week ago they are growing well. The parent birds protect the chicks by standing guard. The female bird stays fairly close while the male takes the higher ground. If a danger is observed the female calls the chick who will take refuge under her. Avocets are often seen as a danger although it is the larger gulls such as the Herring Gull or Black backed Gull which will eat the chicks almost in one go. Once a danger is spotted the Male takes action and goes on the attack to chase off the threat.

I normally take photographs of Oystercatchers on the Beach so it seems a bit odd to capture them in the Haven on the grass.

Some stills of the Lapwing and Avocets in flight.

Today we spotted the 1st Damselflies of the year.

Three men in a boat- Some preparations were being make to support the Terns (I think) who have arrived and will be looking for nest sites soon. It looked like some “safe spaces” were being made in readiness.