When I was a child frogs were a common find every pond or ditch would be a small child’s delight with plenty of tadpoles slowly turning into little froglets. I spent many an hour sat in the local boggy fields watching frogs. I rarely see frogs now and have not seen frogspawn or tadpoles despite looking for a couple of years.

Today while walking down a ditch to collect a trail camera I spotted 2 small fogs. It made my day.

Hiding in the grass.

Roebuck film.

5 thoughts on “Frog.

  1. I still haven’t looked at my bullfrog photos yet – something to look forward to, but I sure remember tadpoles from my youth. We had a creek at the end of our street when we lived in Canada. Before it was developed into a mall, my friends and I would play there and bring home tadpoles in a clean pickle jar. My mother would say “as soon as they get legs, you march back to the creek and put them back – I don’t want frogs hopping around the house!”

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