10 thoughts on “Mullein Caterpillar.

  1. Fascinating colors and they are huge! My kids and I are doing a caterpillar to butterfly project and I’m surprised by their size. I don’t remember the caterpillars from a few years back to be this big.
    Must be very nutritious concentrated food in their cups.

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      • Thank you! The caterpillars are in the pupa state now, but my kids are grossed out by it. This wasn’t the case when they were younger.
        We once dissected an owl pellet and the kid’s babysitter almost barfed. Yep, I ended up doing the whole experiment telling myself never to start an experiment without knowing more about it.


  2. Great close-ups Andy. I thought it was a Monarch caterpillar at first glance. A friend and I bought a set-up of a mikweed plant, about 10 caterpillars and mosquito netting over top. We hoped to watch, document with photos, release and more photos then as the caterpillars grew, went to pupas … we ran out of food and turned them over to a person who raises caterpillars to Monarchs, then releases them. No competing with the experts. 🙂

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