Rainy day stroll.

Today I had planned to concentrate on insect pictures but “rain stopped play” and nothing much was on the wing.However we had a bonus dropping into a ditch we came face to face with twin Roe deer fawns. Camera in bags shielding them from the rain.Standing quietly they watch us from behind the brambles as the ate some young leaves. Then mum popped her head up and slowly moved her youngsters on. Another special few Minutes enjoying local nature.

Mum has at some time damaged her ear. The picture below shows her pointing 1 ear behind her and the other forward. The last picture of her she has both ears pointing forward and she is eyeing me up before walking off.

One picture of one of the fawn’s (not very good due to the low shutter speed) The fawn’s spots are starting to fade now.

Down by the coast.

Another very hot day – the insects are now starting to show up with the warmer weather. We spent the 1st part of our walk at Titchfield Haven watching the wetlands then moved around the paths to the dragonflies.

Redshank, Little Egret, Black-headed gulls including 4 ugly chicks. After the cute stage they get to this stage!

Magpie chick asking for food.

Four-spotted Chaser

Common Blue Damselfly (male)

Blue-tailed Damselfly – Female, rufescens form.

Common Blue Damselflies mating.

Female banded demoiselle.

A boarder stronghold.

Longtown Castle. Set in the Olchon valley, with good views of the Black Mountains.Built soon after the Norman invasion and was built to control newly conquered Welsh territory and defend the English borderlands from Welsh raiders.

We left the country!

Continuing our 2021 holiday theme of a couple of days away each month rather than a long trip in the campervan we left the country this month and went into Wales!

Places visited many times before but with a new feel with some freedom with the lifting of lockdowns.

Crossing into Wales over the estuary of the River Severn we usually stop at Tintern Abbey, for a drink and a walk. (& the loo). You can no longer just go into the abbey but you have to book a timed slot, Luckily you can do this online on the day subject to there being a place. A simple 5 minute process and tickets were book.

In the Brecon Beacons the weather was misty and the hill tops were covered in light mist.

A lay bye gave us views from a closed road bridge.

Day 2 Took us to another old favourite – Raglan Castle. I have fond memories of visits to Raglan Castle somewhere mum and dad took us as kids and somewhere where we took our children. A castle that looks like a castle.

Raglan Castle is situated a little north of the village of Raglan in Monmouthshire in Wales. The castle you see today dates from between the 15th and the late 17th centuries. Surrounded by parkland, water gardens and terraces the castle was considered by contemporaries to be the equal of any other castle in England or Wales.

During the civil war the castle was held on behalf of King Charles but was taken by Parliamentary forces in 1646. The castle was slighted and became a ruin.

For many years a large ginger cat would sleep in the sun among the castle walls around the gatehouse and when he felt like it he would greet visitor . Then one year when we visited he was no longer there. Enquiring with the staff they told me he had died. Another keeper of the castle had become a memory and I wonder who else remembers him and whether he walks with the ghosts of other castle residents around the ruins.

Llantilio Castle but normally referred to as White Castle. The castle ruin stands on high ground near the village of Llantilio Crossenny in Monmouthshire.The fortification was established by the Normans in following the invasion of England in 1066, to protect the route from Wales to Hereford. The castle was whitewashed giving it its name,however today the castle is more green since my last visit about 2 years ago the vegetation has started to grow at the base of the walls and up their sides.

An old phone box was a must for a few pictures in the village of Skenfrith.

Campsite Song Thrush.

Llancayo Windmill near Usk was erected shortly before May 1819 but, following an extensive fire, was out of commission.By 1830 the mill was ruined and derelict.

Today it is an impressive holiday cottage.

Gull Chicks.

The Black-headed chicks are growing quickly at Titchfield Haven National Nature reserve. They are quite characterful in their manner while waiting for their parents to return.

In the harbour a pair of Shelduck had brought their family. Back around 2018 a pair did the same and they raised the family in the safety of the harbour, I wonder if this is the same pair.

Other spots today – a number of Dragonflies were on the wing.

Redshank and Greenfinch in the reserve.