Meadow creatures.

Suddenly there are quite a few Butterflies in the meadows.


The Meadow Brown is the most abundant butterfly species in many habitats.Often overlooked for other more colourful Butterflies.

The Marbled White is a distinctive and attractive black and white butterfly, Seen on the wing from late June. They like areas of unimproved grassland and It shows a marked preference for purple flowers such as Field Scabious, thistles.

Skipper. Bright orange-brown wings held with forewings angled above hind wings.

The Painted Lady is a long-distance migrant, Every year they spread northwards from the desert fringes of North Africa, the Middle East, and central Asia, recolonising mainland Europe and reaching Britain and Ireland. 

Often confused for a butterfly the Cinnabar Moth is brightly coloured and an easy spot.

Comma Butterfly

Golden ringed dragonfly.

6 thoughts on “Meadow creatures.

  1. I definitely haven’t seen the same amount of butterflies this year, yet. But I agree about the meadow browns, they are definitely out and about now. Haven’t seen any comma yet and only one painted lady this year, and that was in Norfolk. Never seen a marbled white. One day!

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