Around Exmoor for a few days.

Another small trip using the campervan for the past 3 days. Lots of sunshine and fresh air.

We made an early start on Tuesday by time it was time to stop for breakfast we were on the hill looking towards the village of Shaftesbury. Very warm and the fields are looking ready for the harvest.

We arrived at our campsite in Minehead early afternoon after a drive across country using back roads.

Some beach views.

Minehead has two ends the holiday camp end and the old harbour end. The old end is where we headed for!

The footpath from Minehead leads from the old town for some 630 miles to lands end and back along the south coast all the way to Poole in Dorset. A small park past the harbour is the start of the path. Link gives details.

A perfect storm waters flowing up on Exmoor.

A view of LYNMOUTH.

Anyone who has been watching the news of the floods in Europe and China may not be aware that on Friday 15th August 1952 – 28 people died in Lynmouth plus another 6 in the wider area in what has been said as the worst river flood in English history. The west Lyn river rose 60 feet above its normal level when rainfall flooded into the many tributaries of the East and West Lyn rivers.This caused, many tons of water, earth, boulders and vegetation descended through the narrow valleys of Exmoor from 500 metres up on the moor to meet at sea level in village Lynmouth on its way, many bridges blocked the flow until they collapsed and subsequently a wall of water and rubble hit Lynmouth in the late evening.

distant deer.

This chap nearly became a cropper in front of us as he came around the bend as we crossed Exmoor.

6 thoughts on “Around Exmoor for a few days.

  1. Looks like a wonderful getaway in Exmoor and you definitely made the right choice for the harbor end … very picturesque. I didn’t know about the flood that killed so many people. The weather around the world is very erratic – bad typhoon in Shanghai with people caught in the subway cars – very scary. We have had torrential rains so many times, I’ve lost count of how many inches of rain has fallen, but many Creeks are swollen and over their banks.

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      • Yes, best enjoy your time away now as this new Delta variant maybe causing a lot of trouble come Fall they say. I just was reading on this Lynmouth Floor Disaster – very interesting and it reminds me a little of the molton lava that erupted from a volcano in Hawaii a few years ago – the molten lava traveled down a street and cars were parked, it went up and over the cars – amazing. I found a video that explained the cause and then the pictures. It is below, though you knew about it. It’s interesting as we tend to think of all these weather disasters as a result of climate change, and forget all the tragedies that happened through the years, equally decimating cities, towns, villages just like here.

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