The “Buoys” are back in town.

A morning at Meon Shore.

The Buoys are Back in town – after almost 2 years the familiar buoys which are used by Hill head sailing club as race marker buoys are back in the Solent – removed during lockdowns. I was excited to see them as they are like old friends which I used to monitor the tides and water level and at times swim out to them. All I could think of was the Thin Lizzy song the “Boys are back in town” of my youth Walking on the sands the song played in my head!

The buoy closest to the beach now has the name “Rainbow” on it – is this to acknowledge our NHS during the COVID pandemic or something else I do not know, but as people place rainbows in their window to support the NHS I guess this is likely.

On the beach.

Some bird shots on the shore nothing new but just nice to have my feet in the water on this windy but bright morning.

The Turnstone are in good condition and sporting their summer colours.

Starling foraging in the seaweed. Adult and juvenile.

Common Terns breed within the nature reserve when the tide is low they come onto the beach and feed in the sea. Returning to the small islands as the tide comes in. I counted over 150 birds on the beach this morning.

Adult right youngster on the left.

Black-backed gulls enjoying a fish breakfast (a large trout) on the beach.

Herring gull take off.

The Herring gull has a Wingspan of 130-150cm and a weight:690-1440g.

The Great black-backed gull has a wingspan of 150-165cm and a weight:1-2kg.

Another Hermit crab found at the low tide mark this one quite small.

The above picture shows the size of this small crab.