Wet meadow stroll.

Walk in a local nature reserve through a wet meadow this am.

Pickerel weed by one of the ponds which is liked by many insects including these Common Darter Dragonflies.


Gatekeeper Butterfly, similar to the Meadow Brown Butterfly but the small white spots help with identification. (Happy to be corrected)

A tatty Ringlet Butterfly.

Spider trap! Possibly a labyrinth spiders (Agelena labyrinthica), a species common in uncut grasslands here in southern England. Their complicated hidden passages and chambers within their tunnels give them their common name. They feed on grasshoppers and crickets. Catching such insects requires a sturdy trap. They are harmless to humans.

6 thoughts on “Wet meadow stroll.

      • Yes, the size of its head and wings – very close-up Andy. I still have not seen a single butterfly this year. We are having a coolish week this week, so I could understand that, but even in the heat, no butterflies. (I did see a fawn, so that has made my day, if not my year. I was very lucky and got some photos too.) It’s the little things that count isn’t it?

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