Movements on the Solent on a dull saturday evening.

Steamship Shieldhall is the largest working steamship in the UK. A member of the National Historic Fleet She has just started sailings again after restrictions due to covid have started to lift.

SS Shieldhall passing the SV Golden Horizon.

The Sail Vessel Golden Horizon is a steel-hulled five-masted barque rigged tall ship  launched June 2017, she is a cruise ship, she entered into operation in May 2021,

HM Coastguard SAR helicopter hovering over freighter – based at Lee on Solent search and rescue helicopters are a regular sight over the water off Meon Shore.

As always wind surfers were taking the plunge.

Sailboard slow shutter speed.

1 thought on “Movements.

  1. I was at the River last week and saw two freighters pass from either direction and I swear they could have reached out and shaken hands with one another – they were that close. I took some photos, but had the small camera and the sun went away and it was dark. I had already picked my title for a Wordless Wednesday post and when I saw the photos … well maybe one will appear in a blog post. But very nice to see that. I told my boss as we have freighter clients and he and I in the past were on one that used to come to Detroit to load cement at the cement silos. I was at the River recently and watched a tugboat towing, then pushing a huge barge with a crane on it and then installing new cement pylons. I was fascinated and spent a good deal of time and took quite a few photos of the push/pull operation, then the installation. They had it cordoned off, but I could get close and everyone walking the boardwalk seemed equally fascinated.

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