Dark waters.

The Elan Valley Reservoirs are a chain of man-made lakes created from damming the Elan and Claerwen rivers within the Elan Valley in Mid Wales . The reservoirs, which were built by the Birmingham Corporation Water Department, provide drinking water for Birmingham in England,

It all started in 1893 when the building work began. About 100 people living in the Elan Valley had to move, only landowners received compensation payments. Many buildings were lost including 3 manor houses, 18 farms, a school and the church. 

On 21st July 1904 King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra opened the Elan dams and water started flowing along the pipeline to Birmingham. The scheme employed 50,000 men constructing it.

The church in the valley was lost to the raising waters of the dammed rivers – a new church was built and the graveyard from the old church was relocated.

Cofiwch Cwn Elan sign to remember those who lost their communities land and farms when the dams were built.

Monument to the workers that built the dams.

NB apologies for gap where a photo has dropped out I can not seem to edit out the gap!

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