On the shore.

A morning on our local beach.

Caught out by the low tide I came across this small Common Eel just over a foot long it was able to propel itself across the inch of water into a small pool.

Speeding across the beach making a splash!

Now in a pool.

Green Shore Crab. Probably the most common and familiar crabs found on our local beaches. Sizes range from about the size of your small fingernail to the size of your hand.

Below is a pair of Crabs mating – the male being the larger crab on the top.

Broad-clawed porcelain crab. This is a very small crab with a flattened body they are found under rocks and stones on rocky shores.

Usual birds were on the shore line.


Still just one Sanderling on the beach but what a good looking shore bird.

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