Spider hunting.

Today I went on a spider hunt in our local fields, there were less flying insects as most of the thistles are now over although the wild mint is still in flower in the boggy areas which seemed to be a magnet for hover-flies and bees.

I spotted a Nursery web spider and was pleased with today’s pictures which gives a insight into the spiders life cycle.

Nest tent/web.

They are relatively large, slender-bodied spider, which is fairly common spider. Found on grassland and scrub, and is often seen on plant leaves such as Brambles or Stinging Nettles.

Nursery web spiders do not spin a web to catch food, but wait for passing flies and other insects which they rush in and catch

The male will lay still pretending to be dead – the female seeing him as food investigates then male will suddenly jump up and mate with her. A dangerous game if he gets the timing wrong!

The pregnant female carries around her large egg-sac in her fangs. When the young are about to hatch, she builds a silk sheet among the vegetation to act as a tent, sheltering them she guards her young until they are old enough to live on their own.

Guarding the tent and below you can see the baby spider safe inside.

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