7 thoughts on “Web.

  1. It’s fascinating how they build a web – they go quite fast once they begin and look like they are spinning in mid-air. I did not see a big web in the front garden this morning when I left on my walk. Too bad as it was very dewy and would have been a great photo. I saw it when I came home, kind of shuddered when I saw the beast of a spider rolled up in a ball and hanging out waiting for his prey.

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    • I am keeping my eyes open for more webs as I have started to get a bit more interested in spiders. I do not get that response to spiders but I do to snakes! Think in is built into our DNA. In my head, I am happy with snakes but the response is like you for spiders!

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      • Oh Andy, I hyperventillate if I see a spider or centipede in the house … I am inconsolable until it is gone, yet I lack the ability to just take a paper towel and kill it. I stand there planning my attack. I’ve always been like that. The new wildlife refuge that opened last October is nice but even though it has a raised walkway through the woods, I’m leary to go because they have Eastern Fox Snakes … I spend more time looking down at my feet than looking around. I went out early to see if there were dewdrops on the spider web to take pictures and the entire web was gone. A bird must have flown through is my guess. So the big spider is now at large in the front yard. 🙂

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