Meet the Clan.

A trail camera pick up today from a new location. We had been keen to find a foxes den or a Badger sett. Then by chance last week an old friend of mine and my brothers said he had stumbled across a Badger’s sett in a location about 5 miles from home.

As well as Roe Deer and Muntjac deer we capture Badger activity.

Here is some of the badger activity.

In the UK, badgers live in groups of between four and eight animals in underground ‘setts’.

These mixed sexed social groups live together in the same sett is known as a ‘clan’. Badgers are unique in this way as individuals in a clan will forage for food on their own, unlike other social groups of animals who might hunt together and reap the benefit as a group.

The diet of a badger is very varied, but earthworms are the core of the badger’s diet. 60% of their diet can be worms. In a single night, an adult badger may eat well over 200 worms!

When conditions are harsh when worms can be scarce. Badgers are able to shift to other foods, including snails and slugs. Soft fruit like raspberries and fallen blackberries will also be eaten Badgers will occasionally eat hedgehogs if normal food items are not abundant.