Got the hump!

Got the hump! (or ‘tubercles’)

Angular Orbweb Spider (Araneus angulatus) This is a scarce spider in the UK. It is only the second one I have seen – both this year.

My brother took these pictures on Wednesday of this Angular Orbweb Spider which had caught and wrapped a dragonfly for a few meals.

Today I went on the hunt for him and I thought he had moved on as there was no web where it had been. However after a bit of looking I found him sleeping on a dead thistle. I think on Wednesday he must have had his fill of food with the dragonfly and was still relaxing and full up.😎.

Below the spider today.

The abdomen of this spider has has an oak leaf pattern on the top, but the most distinctive features are the two horn-like projections called ‘tubercles’. marked with X in my picture below.

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