Local Nature.

A day in and around Titchfield Haven National Nature Reserve. After a gale force winds and rainy night – calm returned with daylight. With the promise of a bright day I made the most of what nature had to offer. Lots of good observation and a some new opportunities with a new macro lens to test out.

Part 1 “on the beach”.

A first at Meon Shore for me for a couple of years a Wheatear.(Juvenile) Wheatears arrive in the UK in early spring form Africa. Many breed in Europe but a few come all the way here. So I guess this young bird is getting ready for her 1st flight to Africa and will be heading off across Europe fairly soon.

Turnstone dominate the beach with small flocks moving along the shoreline turning seaweed and stones for small invertebrates.

Sporting their white winter colours 3 Sanderlings seem to be regularly on the shore over the past couple of weeks, their numbers should increase as we approach winter.

Today a lone Juvenile Ringed Plover was keeping close to the Sanderlings making a small flock for safety.

Part 2 “In the reserve”.

With it being so bright today the Redshank looked at their best with their red legs shining in sun.

The Water Rail is a bird that I have only seen a couple of times in my. life. They are fairly shy and spend a lot of time in dense undergrowth and reed edges. Today I was lucky to get my best view ever of this good looking bird, even better my camera was pointing the right way. So quite a few pictures posted today of this encounter.

A few dragonflies were about around the ponds. Migrant Hawker was the main species about today.

A small spider – possible “metellina segmentata”.