Friday in the Reserve.

Due to fuel shortages which seem to remain on the petrol station forecourts in this area we decided to remain fairly local this week. So another morning in Titchfield Haven Nature Reserve. Much duller today compared with Wednesday. However we were rewarded with 5 or 6 Snipe and a close encounter with one of these well camouflaged waders.

Some distant views across the reserve.

A lone Great Crested Grebe.

A Redshank crossing the lagoon.

A mixed bag – Canada Geese, Godwits, Lapwings and lots of Teal. Teal are our smallest common surface feeding duck.

This first picture of one of the Snipe gives a good example of how well camouflaged they are in the Reeds. Have added a circle.

4 thoughts on “Friday in the Reserve.

  1. Great pictures! We’re learning about birds this semester and are looking forward to identifying some of them living in California.
    The bird with the long beak in your pictures must have an easier time foraging for food. Teals are cute too.
    Have a great weekend and take care!


  2. Great photos, Andy!

    I love snipes. I enjoyed seeing them on fence posts beside pastures in Idaho and hearing the odd sound their tails make in flight. A quick internet search says they’re in Vermont during mating season, so I hope to see and hear them here next year.

    I especially liked the video showing the snipe preening. That long beak would seem to make preening challenging, but of course it has it all figured out (with help of feet)!

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