Between Showers.

Bird watching between heavy showers today.

Starlings – size wise they are a bit smaller than a Blackbird. From a distance in their flocks Starlings look black or brown but when you see them closer they are full of colour – very glossy with a sheen of purples whites and greens.

A Pied Wagtail grabs a spot on a fence once the Starlings have flown off.

I always find it quite difficult to identify which Godwit’s we see at the Haven.I ask myself are Black-tailed Godwits or Bar-tailed Godwits? I had some help with this today the picture was a miss – totally missing most of the bird taking off but his tail was a give away in identifying the bird. (she last Godwit picture for the answer).

Confirmed they are Black-tailed Godwit’s !!!!😊

Redshank were about again today. The first two pictures give a good size comparison with a Snipe.

Redshank and a sleeping Teal.

Passing duck flypast.

7 thoughts on “Between Showers.

  1. Bird names are so entertaining. Starlings – well, yes, all the spots on them look like stars. (And I agree, up close in the right light, their feathers are beautifully colorful, iridescent.) Redshanks – yes, one can see the bright orange/red color of their legs offering inspiration (“shank” = leg). And I love your photo ID of the Black-tail Godwit, but I have to wonder, how did it get the name Godwit? A quick search suggests the name is an imitation of it’s call…?

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  2. Starlings I would have recognized in this post – they are pretty with their iridescent plumage and they have a pleasant song as well. People who have bird feeders complain the starlings try to take over. The other shore birds I don’t see which is a shame. I do follow the local/Detroit Audubon Society and we have some shore birds, but nothing like you have there Andy.

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    • When we were kids the Starlings took over the bird table in big flocks and we would moan. Then in the late 80’s they stopped and you rarely saw a starling in the garden. They are back in the garden now in small flocks. I am seeing quite big flocks by the sea now feeding on the seaweed.

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