Another week in the ditch.

On Saturday we collected our trail cameras which had been out in the ditch in our local area for a week. The first part of the film shows how wet it had been with a good amount of water filling the ditch giving a Robin and Blue tit a chance to take a bath (note the passing dragonfly which the Robin takes an interest in).There are 2 different foxes one with a white tail tip and one without. Again the trail cameras is spotted by one of the foxes and the Roe Buck.

Walking back after collecting the cameras fungi are now appearing in good numbers.

Waxy Caps – One of the major lineages of gilled mushrooms these mushrooms are almost impossible to tell which one of the group they are by sight.

Parasol mushroom These are a fungi with a  large, prominent fruiting body resembling a parasol. It is a fairly common species they are often found in groups and fairy rings in pastures and occasionally in woodland.