Water Landing.

Little Egret landing at Titchfield Haven.


Another First!

Another first today a Great White Egret. In my childhood a Little Egret was not a bird we saw in the UK my older bird books do not list them. Slowly they started arriving in the South and today they are a common sight I now see more Little Egrets on a day out than Grey Herons. Last week I saw 7 different birds on one stretch of coast.

The Great White Egret, according to the Royal Society of birds, the growing populations of this Egret in Europe has pushed the species to the UK. The RSPB suggest the uk wintering population is about 35 birds, but this year Bird Guides, a UK website and magazine which reports sightings of rare birds, dropped the species from its list of nationally rare birds because sightings had become so numerous.

Over the last week there had been reports of a Great White Egret at Titchfield Haven and this morning we spotted him.

The Little Egret has yellow feet and a black bill -the Great White Egret has black feet and a yellow bill. Sizewise the the Great White is about the size of a Gray Heron,